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I'm Nick. Raised in a small town down south, currently based in lovely Amsterdam. I'm working for a wide range of commercial clients from my studio at the Nieuwe Looiersstraat. Write me a message to talk about work or new adventures! 

+316 21 69 47 42


  • (2016) Exhibition 'A Print Factory' at the Van Gogh Museum 
  • (2015) Exhibition 'Dit is van der Heck' at the Stedelijk Museum Alkmaar, showing a variety of portraits.
  • (2015) Group Exhibition SBK, 60 years' 'Diamond Rooms'
  • (2015) Graduation exhibition 'DEAR' at the Royal Academy of Arts in the Hague.
  • (2015) Group exhibition 'Introducing 'DEAR'.. The Print Factory' at the Melkweg Expo
  • (2013) Group exhibition 'Kleinschalig' at The Nutshuis, The Hague.
  • (2013) Group exhibition "Look" of KABK Students, The Hague.
  • (2012) Short film "Not For Us" Screening at the Hague Cinema
  • (2011) "Justice / Injustice" Group exhibition in the poster gallery, The Hague.


  • (2012-current) Photographer for a various amount of commercial and documentary clients. 
  • (2016) Started working with HarrimanSteel for Converse
  • (2016) In-house photographer for Ontour
  • (2015-2016) Conceptualizing, organizing, curating and producing pop-up exhibitions for 'A Print Factory' at various locations, including Melkweg Expo, The Hague Art Fair, Rotterdam Contemporary Art Fair, North Sea Jazz, Concrete Shop, SBK & The van Gogh Museum 
  • (2015) Conceptualizing, organizing and producing exhibition 'FRAMED, ADE 25 Years' at the Melkweg Expo. 
  • (2015) Graduated at The Royal Academy of Arts, the Hague. 
  • (2015) Publication of the book 'The Star Disappeared'                          
  • (2015) Taking portraits for exhibition 'Dit is van der Heck' for the Stedelijk Museum Alkmaar
  • (2015) Photographed all the employees of Teamco Shipyard for the 10 years anniversary book
  • (2014 - 2016) Photography for the national newspaper NRC Next & Volkskrant
  • (2014 - current) Photographer at Studio Zelden
  • (2014) Colour corrected / printed the exhibition 'Food' from Henk Wildschut at the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam.
  • (2013) Intern at Henk Wildschut
  • (2010 - current) Assisted at Henk Wildschut, Alek Bruessing, Tijl Dhe Nije, Dim Balsem, Cornelie Tollens, Karen Rosetzky, Ami Vitale, Teska Overbeeke, Henri Verhoef, Olya Oleinic and Jimmy Nelson.
  • (2009-2010) Intern at Alek Bruessing

Worked with and for

Converse, HarrimanSteel, Ontour Clothing, Huis Marseille, NRC Next, Stedelijk Museum Alkmaar, I-D, GANT, Het Parool, Buddha2Buddha, Epson, Men at Work, DeLaMar Theater, Teamco Shipyard, The Nutshuis, Volkskrant, Melkweg Expo, Van Gogh Museum, ADE, North Sea Jazz, SBK 


New Scientist Magazine, British Journal of Photography, FOCUS, GUP, NRC Next, Volkskrant, Musee Magazine, Museum Tijdschrift, I-D Magazine

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